We at Surtrek understand what a journey is. Whether it’s a simple family vacation, or exploring your spirituality through contemplative contact with nature, or indulging in life through enriching cultural contact… These are all travel experiences that impact on one’s life.

These journeys are about laughter, tears, joy and love …about emotions, but these travels are also about memories, lessons, revelations, and discovery… About understanding.


As the members of Surtrek’s staff come from a host of cultures, we are experienced adventurers who can perceive travel from your perspective. At the same time, we are South-American-based "locals” who “have been there and done that.”

In essence, we are "experience designers" who – based on our concrete experiences – have developed keen senses of the varied continental destinations and cultures, while appreciating modern traveler lifestyles and requirements.


The design idea of parti has to do with using concepts, ideas and understanding to create practical operational solutions. This is precisely what we do at Surtrek, with our commitment to detail pushing us to offer a service beyond expectations.

What’s more, we invite you to be part of the planning …to establish a relationship with our designers, and – together – tailor the journey that is specifically right for you. We invite you to discover your South America.

The owner

I think back to a gloomy and cold night in which each breath was more difficult than the last. Mindless, fearful, unaware… Suddenly, a flash of light caught my attention. The sight was stark, and from there, each step had its own sense of discovery. Colors I had never seen, tantalizing dimensions of the world, the majesty of a real sunrise… The world was truly alive…

Excitement led to curiosity, and when I conquered the summit, time came to a stop. My earlier fears morphed into a feeling of humility, lost in the grandeur of this immense landscape. My first ascent of Cotopaxi… I was 16, and from that point on, I knew my life had changed forever. My spirit was inspired, which is exactly what I wish for you.

Dear explorer, discover your inspiration, and keep discovering.

Alfonso Tandazo
President and Founder
Orlando Zambrano
IT Manager
Gloria Viviana Guaynalla
Accounting assistance
Alexandra Lowe
Andrés Bonilla
Help Desk
Cristian Sáenz
Multimedia designer
Daniel Alvarado
Design and web programming
Fuyuko Tashiro
Japan department
Gabriel Calvopiña
Gabriela Paz y Miño
Editor, translator and publisher
Mathias Onisseit
German market
Mayra Nicolalde
Financial assistance
Nieves Noguera
Patricia López
Management Assistance
Paul Ronald Greene
Edition and translation of travel information
Yao Zhou
Sales in the Chinese market
Erika Tapia
Bookings and Operations
Gabriela Diaz
Bookings and operations
Gabriela Sofía Flores Carrera
Yuko Takeuchi
Sales in the Japanese Market
Ligia Gomez
Sales Manager and Controlling
Sara Rosero
Sales in german market