A Foodie Paradise

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Flavors of the Land of the Incas

Though Peru is already known as an avant-garde culinary destination without equal, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how each of its regions – the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Amazon – has its own specialties and food fusions. Try llama steak on a quinoa risotto with a subtle lucuma sauce. Then too, pair this quite nicely with a chilly Pisco sour infused with Cape gooseberry (also knowns as Peruvian goldenberry or groundcherry). Sample world-renowned restaurants that offer truly unique experiences, as well as authentic “huecas” where locals dine. You can also consume a bit of history by learning how certain national dishes were developed by immigrants, thereby making your meal profoundly more enjoyable. So raise your glass and let’s toast “salud”! Let’s spice-up your journey.

Activities you are going to do
  • Cooking
    Learn ancestral recipes as you bond with local culture and history through a cooking lesson – a fun and delicious alternative for experiencing your destination.
  • Locomotive Journeys
    As you travel from one place to another, only a train ride allows you to experience certain views and landscapes – be they steep canyons, lush forests or impressive snow-capped mountain ranges.
  • Wine Experience
    Some places cannot be immersed without a wine experience. This is not only to please your senses. As you visit the most important wineries, learn their stories, philosophies and taste their wines, you will get to taste our culture, our history... Salud!
  • Walking tours
    Wander around cobble stone paths as you visit small workshops and cafeterias. Travel back in time and reflect our history in the present moment; discover a slightly different lifestyle. As you walk around with us, you will stumble upon pleasant surprises.
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